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We’ll tell you right this time. This is a floor-shaking video. This is the biggest celeb fitness video of ’em all. An totally amazing tit fitness session. Is there a sweeter sound effect in the galaxy than the sound of two big, lovely bazookas slapping together? Linsey is going to show the world, or at least the population of LinseysWorld, how she keeps her glamorous bust so fine, uplifted and firm. She has no easy job of it. First, Linsey will aerate her lungs with breathing exercises. Watch carefully as her lungs fill with oxygen. (Remember her Brainiac Science Abase appearance?) Then calisthenics to warm up her joints. Her stretchy pants get a top rating, by the way. While she warms up her joints, we will warm up our man-joint. Remain calm, there’s no cause for alarm. We wanna see her peaks as fast as you do so by 2:44, LDM has that top off. She only asks if she can take off her panties just to be polite. Linsey will get a complete titty workout by the time she’s finished. That mini-trampoline is graceful for studying her bounce quotient. We’re just lucky Linsey didn’t come at us swinging a baseball bat for this.

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