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I remember back when I was little, I would spend my summer vacations over at my grandparents house. I would watch my Old bitch knit and listen to grandpa`s old war stories. I spent many wonderful years with ’em. Anything was great until one year when I was older I stayed over for a pair of nights and everything changed. I remember it vividly, I was sleeping when I heard awful screeches and moans coming form my grandparents bedroom, so I ran in as fast as I could. After seeing what I saw that night I’d never be the same. They were both naked going at it like jackrabbits. My gilf was sucking on my grandpa`s old boner and he stuck it in her over and over, it was so messy! They drilled all night long, and in every way possible. I was so embarrassed I called my mom and asked her “Why is grandpapa on top of grandmother?”

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