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Angelique DuBois is not the kind of woman who makes a beau wait for what he wants. That is because what she wants is what he wants: sex! She told us the story of a guy she’d met for the first time.”He had me blindfold myself, and I was on my knees on the floor and spreading for him,” Angelique said. “We had the best sex, and I had yet to see his face!” From this, are we to assume that Angelique doesn’t care what a beau looks like as long as he can satisfy her in bed? “I guess you could say that,” said 61-year-old Angelique. “I am attracted to a man’s essence and sexual aura. This is immediate for me and must be present from the starting.” In other words, don’t try to wine and dine Angelique, who’s single and has 3 offsprings and one grandchild. If she wants you, you’ll know it right away. “I am submissive, so I love fetishes that involve a dominant fellow who controls me,” she said. In this scene, Angelique is a school principal who copulates one of the teachers. Is that the kind of thing she’d do? “I’ve never been a teacher, but why not?” she said. “I’ll do anything once.” Or twice. This is her second video at

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