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Payton Parker has a room to rent, and she’s laying down the law to her young tenant. “No loud parties,” she tells him. “I lock the door at midnight. No girls. Is that gonna be a problem?” “No problem,” Rion told. He’s only gonna be there for a semester. Hmm…a fella can’t have parties and fuck naked co-eds for one whole semester? That’s why Payton isn’t convinced. “You’re sure you are not gonna have any angels here?” she says, “Because I am always here.” Meaning she’s always here and willing to fuck. Get the message? Rion gets the message when Payton unzips her jacket to reveal the sexy suit she’s wearing. Then she deepthroats his pole and has him eat her wet crack, but the fun’s just getting started. Because Rion is about to find out that, not only is 46-year-old cunt better than college wet crack, 46-year-old butt is better, too. Hey, most college hotties do not even give up their booties unless they’re trying to keep from getting ready-to-drop, and for that, there’s blow jobs. No such barriers with Payton, who’s divorced and lives in Washington. When we asked Payton what she wants to try in life that she hadn’t yet, she said, “I’m doing it right this time.” She means fucking on-camera, not renting out rooms to young fellas. Although she seems to have fun that, too.

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