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Have you ever wondered what our sonsie princess would have done if she had a personal web cam and put on monthly peepshows on LinseysWorld? We have, and we’re sure that many of you have, also. This video is an example, and a hot one at that, of what Linsey would have been like, live on webcam and totally in control of the camera. It is never been seen since the day it was made. Linsey more than surpasses anyone’s daydream of her as an “interactive” fantasy Webcam Angel. She operates the camera with her own palms, adjusting its position as she checks herself in a nearby monitor. The wide-angle lens also gives it that homemade web look that people seem to have a fun. The result is one of Linsey’s most up-close and personal videos ever, as well as being one of her horniest. Hornier and more intimate than many of her previous vids, you question? Impossible, you think! As her own camera operator, Linsey does it right and gets into it. Because she places the lens within arms reach and moves her mangos in so close, you get some superb pussy and teat action. No toys here as Linsey “flicks the bean” with her fingers close-up, one of her favorite ways to cum. You’ve never seen Linsey lick her nipp in such tender close-up. You are virtually laying next to Linsey in bed or on top of her!

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