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“Everyone thinks I’m such a good chick,” Arianna said. “I like to shock fellows by surprising them with my bad-girl side.” And here it is: Arianna in a fishnet mini that her magnificent G-cup naturals poke right through, along with matching fishnet nylon stockings. Arianna is a gal of few words in this video, but she gets her message across perfectly clearly by kneading her full, fleshy howitzers and shoving them in your face. We’re treated to bottoms-up views of her wahwahs, making them look enormous, which is exactly how they’d look if you were underneath them. She lifts her betty boops one at a time for a nipp lick, then licks between her cleavage as if a rod were there. Imagine. Finally, overcome with horniness, she gets to work on her cunt and stuffs a finger deep in her wet crack hole. Check out how fond her pussy is, and isn’t it good of Arianna to spread her booty cheek so we can see her rusty bullet hole? That, by the way, is her good-girl side!

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