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We do not know about you, but we’re not hungry about movies with sub-titles. There’s too much work involved, trying to watch a movie and read at the same time, and what if you close your eyes? You can not even hear what’s going on! The movie you are about to see has sub-titles, but we don’t think you’ll mind. This is the exception. You see, 47-year-old Latina Marisa Carlo speaks very little English, so our stud had to speak to her in Spanish. Rather than leave you in the dark about what Marisa is saying, we decided to provide sub-titles. In this movie, Marisa told things like, “I like massive cocks” and “I have 34F tits” and “Do you want to see?” and “Deep, very really deep!” and “Put it in my butt.” That last thing she told in English. That’s because it is an important phrase for Marisa. What if she’s with a mate who doesn’t speak Spanish? How’s she supposed to let him know that she wants his boner in her butt. She doesn’t say “gaping, pink slit,” but she should. She does say, “Cum in my booty.” You are about to change your opinion about sub-titles.

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