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Linsey is so mean, wicked and tough in this, she scares the shit out of us. What a strumpet! Linsey is standing in a makeshift cage looking ready for action. She’s dressed like she’s clubbing and has walked into an alley to have a cigarette. Behind her in this weird place are glory holes for men to put their ramrods through. She strips nude down to her heels in record time and talks trash like a nymphomaniac convict. Linsey bangs on the chain-link fence of the cage from the inside with a dildo and demands sexual attention. She makes her way back to the graffiti-covered wall where two real-looking cock-toys are sticking through the holes. One of them is mouth-level for a kneeling gal and the other is lower. Linsey services both of ’em orally, licking and giving head the rods. It looks realistic because the cocks and nuts are life-like. After the higher of the dongs shoots a load on her meatballs, she moves to the lower knob and puts it between her boobs. She pumps it furiously with her palm until suddenly more sperm is dropping onto her yabbos. This video was originally lensed for LinseysWorld and was edited into the DVD Maximum Insertion. This video and The Fuck Machine are the closest to depicting “hardcore” that LDM has done in her solo movies.

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