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Here we have Dr. Bea Cummins, therapist. She has a new patient today. His name is Levi. Levi is nervous. Dr. Cummins, using all of her 70 years of life experience, tries to place him at ease. Upon closer inspection, we see that Dr. Cummins is wearing a sheer, pink shirt with a push-up brassiere that her massive howitzers are bulging out of. Is this proper professional suit? Definitely. Her skirt is a little short, too. “I’m very hands-on,” Dr. Cummins says. “What kind of issues are you having?” He can’t get it up. He thinks it is all in his enormous head. “It’s just not working down there,” he told, pointing to his little head. She tries to get to the bottom of this. He reveals that he ass-fucked his ex-wife but his current wife doesn’t like anal. “I miss that,” he confesses. “My new wife hates taking it in the booty. Do you think the problem is that my new wife doesn’t like to take it up the butt?” “As a matter of fact,” Dr. Cummins says, “I have fun anal. Having said that, would you feel comfortable to get on the couch?” As she said, Dr. Cummins is very hands-on. Before long, she has her hands on his prick. Then she has her mouth on his cock. Then she has her snatch on his boner. Then she has her terd cutter wrapped around his cock. Looks like she found the cure.

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