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An assortment of brassieres have been set up for Linsey’s educated perusal. Early on in life, Linsey became expert in the fitting and purchasing of bras. She knows quality and comfort. Observe how fast Linsey puts on the first two bras she inspects. She first hooks the band in front of her and then slides the bra around her waist to insert her milk shakes in the cups and put the straps over her shoulders. She tries on a pair of long frilly pants, seems to like them and takes ’em off so she can rub her carefully trimmed, self-opening wet crack. We are treated to some tasty close-ups of Linsey’s long, thick labia and enormous clitty. In a tour-de-force of applied boobology, Linsey offers to demonstrate how she chooses her bras and she explains the role of the brassiere in her life. Did you know that Linsey sleeps in her bras? That she has to choose her bras carefully because her sensitive nipps get irritated by certain fabrics and styles? First, she has to measure herself because a girls’s tits are always changing in size depending on her time of the month and fluctuations in her weight. A great ad-libber, Linsey is at her most marvelous and delicious because she’s herself and loosen.

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