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Mom is working on her laptop when her son comes into the room. Without a word he ties up his grandma, arms behind her back. Darling asks him what he’s doing and yells to let her go. He responds by groping her yabbos and shoving his arm down her pants. He exposes his old bitch and puts his rod into her mouth. He makes her take all of him into her angry mouth. As she pulls on the ropes and yells he copulates her in the chair. He puts his penis back into her mouth and cums, holding her mouth shut until she swallows his load. Pulling out his cell phone he takes a photo of her ravished and bound up. The next day Darling gains the courage to confront her son in his bedroom on his actions. The moment she goes into his room he shows her the cell phone image. If he wants her to delete the photo and not have it sent to her workplace Darling is going to got to strip and show off her body for him. ”I hate you, your the worst son ever” she tells him angry at being blackmailed.

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