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Fifty-seven-year-old Sandra Martines is tidying up around the house. Right away, we get to see her bright-red, manicured fingernails, dick-sucking lips and exclusive cleavage. Sandra is humming. That means she wants to give a hummer. She takes off her robe, and she is wearing a bra that makes her enormous meatballs bulge and matching thong panties that look great on her huge arse. The thong part disappears between those massive arse cheeks. The delivery guy knocks on the door. “Come on in,” she says. He walks in. He sees Sandra on the couch in her brassiere and panties. He drops the box on the floor. He is taken aback. “Should I come back later?” he asks. Later? When she is dressed like that? Nope, she wants him now. In her mouth, between her wahwahs, in her vagina and, finally, in her booty. Sandra once told us that people who know her would be very surprised if they saw her here, fucking on-camera, because, “I have never posed nude or done any kind of sex movies. I’m not a swinger. I’m not even a nudist.” Surprise, surprise! This time she’s here, getting ass-fucked. And that’s part of the perfect babe of

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