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It’s not too often–never, in fact–that a 20-year-old girl shows up at, but here’s Olivia, and there’s a reason she’s here. You see, her boy-friend has been pushing her to have sex. But she’s a virgin. So she asks 44-year-old Diandra for some advice. Now, Diandra has a hands-on approach to teaching. She believes in the old writer’s adage, “show, but don’t.” So she invites Olivia to come over later so she and her husband can give Olivia some pointers. One of these pointers is Diandra’s hubby’s dong. It bonks Olivia and Diandra. Now, you won’t be surprised at all that Diandra is the hotter fuck in this scene. Poor Olivia. She doesn’t stand a chance against a hot, sexy, mature woman like Diandra. But there’s hope for her yet. After all, one day, Olivia will be 44 years old, too.

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