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Certain phrases must be said. The spybook demands ’em. “Are you excited, baby?” That is one. “Groovy, baby!” That is two. “It’s shaggedelic!” That’s three. And that’s enough, with the possible exception of “Spy ring busted!” Linsey makes Modesty Blaise, Agent 99, Pussy Galore, Mrs. Peel and the Chick From U.N.C.L.E. look like anorexic fashion models. She’s fully Licensed to Jill and also Licensed to Spill…over. Austin Powers himself would be polishing his automatic while spying on Linsey. Is her bra wired? What is the mystery of spy bust cream? Is Linsey real or is she an evil Fembot under the control of Ernst Stavro Blow-Fellows? And is her cocked gun really molded from James Bond’s dangling participle? Today you will see what British spies really do when they’re under surveillance. All of those questions and much more will be answered in: Linsey Dawn Puzzle Agent!

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