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Some have asked the past few years about seeing Roxi Red getting boned by JMac. Roxi’s done the deed with studs like Champ and Largo but not with JMac. The timing finally worked out and now they’re paired off and ready for action at SCORELAND. Call it fucking at first sight. Roxi explains how she likes her immense, natural breasts handled and played with. JMac calls ’em “fuckin’ glorious!” He wants to know all about them. “I like ’em touched gently,” replies Roxi, who doesn’t like them treated roughly. “A little touch with your tongue. They’re very heavy, about thirteen pounds apiece. Did you want to touch ’em?” JMac admits Roxi’s got the greatest boobs he’s ever played with as he lifts and palms ’em. They wobble in his palms. Roxi looks amused. She is used to the shocked expression on every guy’s face. “I just got measured,” Roxi says. “I’m a 44 double-J.” Hooter heaven. Roxi jiggles them. JMac helps Roxi take off her top and puts his head in her lap. Roxi buries his face in her tit-flesh. Each boob is bigger than his head. “Can you breathe?” Roxi asks, laughing. They stand up and move over to a table with a scale and a tape measure. JMac wants the numbers of this Amazonian super-woman. After Roxi’s nubbies have been weighed and measured every which way, it’s time to bone in an epic match. Expect lots of tit-fucking in the Roxi Red vs JMac show!

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