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Rita Daniels, who is 66 years old and wearing a low-cut top that shows off her massive whoppers and a delicate skirt that hugs her butt, is getting compliant to go out when she hears somebody talking in her daughter’s bedroom. She moves closer to the door and hears her daughter’s boy-friend, Bambino, telling someone how he nailed Rita’s daughter the night before. “She sucked me precious,” he tells his buddy on the phone. Rita is outraged. After all, it’s one thing for her to harlot it up all over the put and get ass-fucked and DP’d by total strangers. It is another thing for her daughter to do it right there in her house…at night, while old bitch is upstairs dreaming about rods. Or maybe fucking the man she picked up the night before. Rita opens the door and sees Bambino in his underwear. “Bambino! What the fuck are you doing here?” Rita says. “Where is Liz? Did I actually hear you say you nailed my daughter?” “No,” Bambino says sheepishly. Well, yeah, she did. “I’m sorry. It isn’t alright. Not at all. I think I’m gonna have to train you a lesson,” Rita told. That lesson involves giving head his cock and not letting him cum. Then tying his palms and having him bend over so she can hum job his balls from behind and hum job his ramrod, too. “C’mon, Bambino, fuck my mouth!” she demands. Next, she sits on his pole before finally untying him so he can drill her from behind. Then she jacks him off onto her face. “You drilled my daughter?” Rita asks Bambino. “Why can’t you nail her old bitch?” No reason at all. And this time, there’s absolutely no reason to fuck the daughter. Stick to the old bitch! Who just happens to be one of the greatest GILFS ever. Just sayin’.

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