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Welcome to hooter hospital. Breast men always wind up here. Wait for the nurse called Linsey. If you’re lucky, she’ll be on call. She is fuckin’ stacked! “What’s that down your trousers? asks Nurse Linsey upon first glance. “Am I turning you on?” The answer to that question? Is the earth breast-shaped? “I’ve never had sex in a doctor’s office before,” Linsey says, touching her chest. She is looking like a walking smooth dream in that nurse’s outfit. But in three minutes, she is gonna take it off and stand there in a white bra, knickers, nylons and heels. She leaves the nurses’ cap on. Since this is an examination room, Linsey decides to give herself a complete breast and pussy-cat exam with all of the doctor’s instruments. Your little problem will going to wait until she is done. If you don’t drop a few loads over Linsey’s tit-treatment, it’s recommended that you see a real doctor immediately. You’ve never seen a nurse like her in your life. This video is on DVD in Maximum Insertion.

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