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Velvet Skye, a 55-year-old divorcee and old bitch from Canada, is wearing a fond, sexy, cleavage-revealing dress, and she’s on the phone with her date for the evening. She thinks he sounds young. “I’m really looking for someone around my age,” she told. “I’m actually 46,” he insists. He’s lying, and when he gets to Velvet’s put, she can tell he is not 46. Heck, his father might be 46, but not him. “How old are you really?” she asks. “I’m actually 29,” he says, “but I love older babes.” He tells her he couldn’t resist her when he saw her photos on the dating site. Well, every woman fonds to be flattered, and, besides, they’re not going out, anyway. They’re staying in and fucking. Yeah, fucking. Right there on the couch. And the lucky young boy-friend is going to cum in Velvet’s mouth and all over her purdy titties. Looks like Velvet might have changed her mind about young mates. Velvet lives in Toronto. She is 5’9″ and weighs 134 pounds. She has a admirable sense of humor. We asked her what would be her fantasy car, and she said, “A limousine with a chauffeur.” She enjoys skiing and loves ice hockey. Her favorite teams are the hometown Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. She loves reading, cooking and hanging out with her friends. She’s a nudist. She’s a swinger. She’s into glory holes, so you might get lucky if you are in Toronto and you take your chances with one. After all, Bambino took a chance and look how precious it turned out. For him and for us.

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