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When Jimmy’s father promised Crystal a journey to the Caribbean if Jimmy passed his final exam, She knew how she could motivate him. She had seen him watching her sunning at the pool, the way close family members should NOT look at each other. So when this home schooling proposal came up, she gladly accepted the tutoring job. Soon Crystal and her step-son are doing things that family members should never do. Crystal knows this young fellow can fulfill her needs much better then his aging father. When the young man can not take it anymore, he shoots his excitement all over his step-mother. In her final words in the afterglow of sex, Crystal responds “I am gonna have to make sure your father takes you along with us on our voyage!” When Jodi has to drop off a deposit check for her son’s new apartment, she’s not expecting for him to have such a wonderful looking roommate. She just got off the phone with her pig of a husband. She hangs up the phone and decides to play with her son’s new friend. Jodi sits the young guy down on the bed and slowly seduces him. He pulls away, knowing it is wrong to break that trust bond he has with her son, but her mature sexuality is too much. “After all, we are practically family” Jodi explains. Once she starts kissing him, he’s all hers. She slowly shows him what to do next, and how an experienced woman handles his enormous dong. She uses his young meat for her own enjoyment, and bonks him until he explodes all over her, cover her will his seed. “This is gonna work out just fine” she say’s as she casually pulls up her jism covered suit and leaves. In PART 2, Jodi has to deal with her stepson’s Jealousy over the Older Women, Younger Guy Affair, and how she solves the problem by showing her stepson what she did to his roommate! Another one of the HOTTEST MILF Jodi West Scenes. You are sure to have a fun!

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