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If you are already familiar with previous Mother-Daughter Exchange Club films (and, by God, you should be by now) you’re already aware that the MDEC is a fictitious club, which helps sexy mother and daughter pairs hook up with other mother-daughter combos through the use of social networking sites. Just like real dating sites, mothers and daughters create profiles and post them to the internet. These couples that share common interests arrange face-to-face meetings for a little bit of ice breaking. If all goes as planned, grammas swap their daughters for an evening of fun and sexual frolic. Its a truly terrific premise. If you are not familiar, take a peep at the first few installments of the series and get up to speed. You won’t be disappointed. Check that. Those of you looking for uber-raunch or excessive use of bristly, prickly toys of various sizes might be a tad disappointed. But, if you’re into realism and the natural tension that goes hand-in-hand with the excitement of a first hook up, you are in for a treat. Over the course of the series, some of the faces have remained the same, though new initiates are always being indoctrinated into the finer art of cougar-teen love. The ever-changing cast is certainly part of what makes the series intriguing, nevertheless the unscripted sexual encounters are what really make the series run. You just never know what the angels will do once they hole themselves up in a bedroom bunker. MDEC 6 has some massive time beauties vying for membership. In this particular volume, the producers have chosen to omit the shots of mother and daughter skimming through profiles and discussing possibilities. Instead, each scene starts with the angels already at dinner, ravishing in the puniest of small talk. The first scene includes the inimitable Lexi Belle and redheaded hottie Marie McCray. Both of them shine in their first scenes, but it’s Lexi (of course) who creates the most interesting dynamic with partner Magdalene St. Michaels. St. Michaels has carved out quite a niche for herself over the past year or so as a good leading lady in many Nica Noelle films. Nica’s films veer into territory that typically appeals to babez. Translation: the absence of physical violence and gooey facials is highly noticeable. Lexi, contrarian that she is, has worked with shock dicks like Michael Stefano, and has taken mega-loads in series like Sloppy Head, where she revels in overt nastiness. You can see where this is going. However their scene starts gently enough with plenty of kissing and nuzzling, Lexi’s natural proclivity is to get rough, which she does by grabbing Magdalene’s throat and later tearing her mesh stockings to shreds as she seeks out her warm slit. Magdalene’s reaction is surprise sprinkled with approval, but it turns up the heat on the scene and brings out the best in both kittens. Magdalene gets swept into alpha mode, taking the initiative from there and putting Lexi on the bottom. It’s the good looking angle for Lexi’s soft mouth to engage Mag’s oversized European howitzers. Mag goes down to her cunt and slowly engulfs Lexi’s clit with her teasing mouth. But, Lexi takes back control, fingering Magdalene to a rousing orgasm. Magdalene puts Lexi on all fours and slips aside the oozy crotch of her pants, pushing her face into Lexi’s backside. Like the opposite of a Casey Kasem Weekly Top 40 Countdown, she does a short distance request, begging for Lexi to play with her twat. From there, Mag rubs Lexi’s hard clitoris to orgasm like she was plucking strings on a stand-up bass. After seeing her take so much pecker, it’s great watching a woman drive Lexi over the brink. Xanadu. Their counterparts, KC Kelly and Marie McCray, are busy in another room. This one is a bit more subdued, as KC was the one holding out on the bunch. Though, it comes clear that KC just went through a bitter divorce and her sex tank is running on “E”. She can not pass up the opportunity at a fiery redhead. Aside from watching Marie’s blue 70s era gym shorts creep up her butt crack, you’ll appreciate KC’s middle-aged, yet very toned body and substantial mound. But, you’ll really dig it when KC breaks the plane of Marie’s soft, young twat lips with her fingers and positions her face between her legs. Massaging her clitoris like dried-on tomato sauce on a counter top, Marie cums hard, gasping for breath. Her natural breasts are charming and you get a priceless shot of them and her spread-open legs during this shot. In the second pairing, Evie Delatosso and Melissa Monet make sweet music together as do June Summers and a relative newbie named Taylir. Evie is always a delight, and though she sports her trademark spectacles in this one, it is interesting to watch her play the teenager here. Her sophisticated look lends itself well to playing the role of teacher, or therapist or secretary, which she has done successfully in vids past. If you’re already a fan, you will certainly love MDEC SIX. There is plenty of COUGAR, Teen, and Lesbo action to go around. If you’re not, you will most likely discover that you’re either all-in or all-out on the series once you get a taste. Rarely is there any indifference or in-between-ness with regard to these films. Either way, there is no denying that MDEC is fresh idea in an industry that generates so much sameness.

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