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Supposedly, people are tired of politicians who keep doing things the same old way and expect anything to change. But 50-year-old Elektra Lamour is not one of these politicians. She’s an outsider, a woman who wants to do things a new way, her way. So when the mate who’s applying for the job as her campaign manager shows up at her office, Elektra tells him that she wants to have a more hands-on, one-on-one approach to working with people and getting votes. She wants to attract the blue-collar workers. Or did she say boob-collar workers? Either way, the mate gets the hint, and before long, he is having some one-on-one time with Elektra’s massive titties, bushy pussy and delicate butthole. He copulates her in the ass right there on the office desk and then he cums on her unshaved snatch, making a real mess of it. Elektra is married. She’s a mother and gramma. She is been fucking on-camera for nearly Twenty years, and she is been an escort, too. She’s scored such stars as Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy. She loves watching porn almost as much as she does making it. And she doesn’t have to worry about making porn great again because it already is great. At least at

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