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Linsey goes to the office of her supervisor Miss Grosby to deliver a memo but she is out of the building, prompting Linsey to make a comment about her excessive lunches. It is obvious that LDM has no love lost for this unseen executive, whom Linsey thinks is a beatch. Linsey decides to snoop at employee dossiers that she finds in an unlocked file cabinet. She discovers that Miss Grosby keeps a personnel file on her amongst other employees, including decidedly non-corporate commentary about what Linsey dresses in at work and whether her teats show through her blouses! Very unprofessional, to say the least! Linsey realizes that she is been a secret object of sexual desire by her boss for years, never knowing that Miss Grosby is, in fact, a lesby, although she had suspected it. LDM wonders if Miss Grosby’s office is monitored by surveilance cameras. The thought of that excites her. Reading more notes in her file, she learns that Miss Grosby has fantasies about Linsey getting nude and massaging her clit on that very desk. Linsey decides to enact Miss Grosby’s office fantasies about her while she is still away at lunch, as if playing to a hidden livecam. Peeking in another drawer like a little spy, Linsey discovers more shocking secrets about her supervisor, motivating Linsey to seek her revenge.

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