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Booty is right! Lots of arse! Linsey has the best booty. Before Linsey heads out for a night of clubbing at her favorite spots in London, she fonds to warm up her butt with some practice time. Consider yourself very fortunate because you are gonna get more than just some hip-swiveling dancing in tender pants. You are gonna see Linsey lube up an arse-plug and stick it into her lovely arse hole. And then you’re going to see Linsey retrieve a thick plastic pecker, lube that up too and plug her tight vagina, squish-squish! Her thighs glisten with smeared lube as she does this. And that is not the end of it. But you’ll got to play this show to see the rest. Butt Nights features jaw dropping close-ups and excellent camerawork. The staff of LinseysWorld needed tremendous self-control to not run to the loo to alleviate the great strain while preparing this video. Videos like Booty Nights are better than hardcore and better than grainy webcams.

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