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This extremely horny 24 minute lez scene starring Linsey and Susie Wilden is part of the USA video Bosom Friends #5 and, in the UK only, Big-titted Anal Lovers. Considering the size of Susie’s meatballs, a team-up was essential. In London, vibrator capital of Europe, Linsey and Susie take each other on with a variety of kooky sex gizmos that give new meaning to the term plug-n-play. Linsey fills her balloon knot while Susie plugs LDM’s slit. Wow! Linsey gives it to Susie right in the tush.They each insert a double-donger in their lubed cunts and grind away on their backs to cum hard. But it’s not just toys. The huge-boob action is also sensational, with a breast-creaming scene to kick off the party. Of all of Linsey’s girl to girl breast fests, this is the hottest session of them all.

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