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“Most babes are so hairless,” 54-year-old first-timer Kelly Scott said. “They don’t realize that beauties have hair down there. When I was growing up, nobody was shaved. People want something that is different. Besides, I don’t want to look like a little mate.” Kelly, a COUGAR and GRAMMA who has lived in a lot of places, does not look like a little boy-friend down there. She has a full bush, and Tony, the first fellow to score her on-camera, enjoyed dicking her sooooo deep. Judging by her orgasmic moans, Kelly enjoyed it, too. In the end, she opens her mouth for Tony’s load. As first scenes go, this one gets a 10. We asked Kelly if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Yes and no. My grandkids I probably wouldn’t tell, but I don’t think my beaus would be that surprised. I wouldn’t volunteer it, but if they found out, they would say, ‘Yeah, I can see Mother doing that.’ I’m old enough to know what I want, and I do not have to worry about things.” Kelly was the hot mom when her fellows were growing up. She says she fonds young boy-friends, but then again, she says she fonds all men. “I do not look my age, so beaus from 20something to 70something ask me out,” she said. Kelly told us two things about her pussy: the hair on it’s soft, and her cookie itself is fond. Nonetheless, Tony manages to get his enormous pole in and sooooo deep, and Kelly enjoys it. More about Kelly: “My most-fun job is bartending. I like the attention and being in the middle of the event.” She is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. She loves open-minded guys who can carry on a conversation. She has three daughters and 7 grandchildren. She used to be a firefighter. She’s been to a few swingers clubs. She loves to mow her glade topless. Obviously, she doesn’t like to mow her pussy at all. And that is wonderful by us.

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