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There’s a jingling sound when Marina Rene’s slit is getting fucked. Don’t worry, there’s nobody at the door. Nobody left change in their pocket. The ice cream guy isn’t coming around the block. The jingling is coming from the stud’s rod and balls banging against Marina’s cookie rings. She has 13 of them. Nonetheless, Marina’s stud tries to treat her like a queen. He serves her tea. “I don’t like tea,” says Marina, who’s German. “I like more your boner.” She fonds to play the skin flute it and fuck it, as you’re about to see. This is something we’ve been waiting to see since 2008, when Marina posed solo for Now she’s 49 and showing us what a wild woman she’s. She is also showing what happens when a woman places 13 rings on her snatch. The cunt gets stretched out. It becomes a gaper. But don’t worry. As our stud told us, Marina’s cunt is still vice-tight. When there’s a boner inside, that is. Isn’t that all that counts?

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