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“I think younger guys checking me out and taboo role-playing are sexy,” said Jamie Foster, a 48-year-old milf from California. Here, Jamie is cooking in her kitchen, and 26-year-old Patrick is checking her out. He’s peeking through the window as Jamie bends over to place something in the oven, and wouldn’t you know it, she isn’t wearing pants! He gets a full view of her cute ass! At this point, Patrick’s little head overrides his enormous head so he walks inside the house. Jamie is surprised to see him. “Patrick, right?” Jamie told, recognizing her son’s friend. “He’s not home.” “I noticed you didn’t have any panties,” Patrick says. “That’s none of your business!” Jamie told, mock-outraged. “Let me see your phone. Better yet, I”m going to teach you a lesson about inappropriate behavior. You are not too old for a spanking from your best buddy’s old whore.” Or a cock-sucking. Or a fucking. Guess peeping pays, doesn’t it? “I have sex with younger fellows constantly, and it is a major turn-on,” Jamie said. “I’m training them to fuck me admirable, to be tuned in to a woman.” Patrick squirts his load into Jamie’s open mouth. Does that count as tuned in? We think so. “I’m sexually excited to be filmed having sex. I like knowing that fellows are gonna be at home watching and jacking off to me. Whenever I’ve had public sex, there was always the element of someone seeing us that was also a turn-on. I can not wait to watch myself.”

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