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Exotic, curvy, dark-haired 43-year-old Jade Steele is putting on her makeup when this scene opens. The camera zeros in on her very worthy cleavage, then pans out when Tony shows up and grabs her mangos. It looks like they were supposed to go out tonight, but they’re not going anywhere. “I’m trying to get compliant,” Jade tells Tony. He is trying to get into her panties. He doesn’t got to try too hard. “I love sex,” Jade said. “I just don’t get enough of it.” That has to be her choice. What man would turn down Jade? And just in case you meet her and want to try your luck, this mother of one fonds fellows who are kind and can make her laugh. Hey, isn’t that what every woman told? Well, Jade means it. Or maybe she doesn’t. After all, Tony wasn’t kind. He just walked up to her and grabbed her milk wagons. And he didn’t make her laugh. “But he did make me cum,” Jade said. There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

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