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This video marked an historic occasion: Arianna’s first photo shoot with The SCORE Group. She arrives at our makeshift studio in Prague, Czech Republic wearing a white halter top that is absolutely oozing cleavage. Oozing? Arianna’s G-cup naturals are pouring out of her top, and she knows it.”Can you imagine I traveled like this?” said Arianna, who flew from Bucharest, Romania to Prague for the big occasion. She’s very sexually excited about what she’s gonna do. She tells us all about herself, laughing and jiggling her mambos, and then she peels off her clothing and goes into hair and makeup to prepare for her shoot. One highlight of the video: Arianna putting on her lip gloss in a very unusual way. First, she puts the gloss on her teats. Then, she deepthroats her nipp to get the lip gloss onto her wobblers. Hey, why can not every chick apply her makeup this way? Because every babe isn’t Arianna! When the shoot is about to start, she puts on a fond, striped dress, and just as quickly, she takes it off so she can proudly show off her body. Then she finger-fucks her sex addicted pussy (which is extra-horny from the two-hour flight from Romania to Prague). Welcome to our world, Arianna!

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