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Seems as if Tony misssed his buddy’s last birthday and he wants to make up for it. “You know I do not like surprises,” Jimmy told. “You’re have to like this one,” Tony told. “Trust me.” When Angie, shows up, she is wearing barely everything. It is strappy and blue and covers very little. It definitely doesn’t cover her booty, wobblers or wet crack. She’s wearing stripper-style fuck-me shoes. You know, the clear kind. The kind that send a clear message about what a woman wants. Of course, Jimmy loves this surprise, but he doesn’t get Angie to himself. No way! Tony wants some of that, too, so they take turns getting their boners sucked by Angie, then they take turns on her snatch and rose bud, then they DP her. There’s something special about a 49-year-old grandmother getting DP’d. Why is that? There’s something special about a 49-year-old mom licking two guys’ cum off her fingers. Why is that?

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