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After fucking for the first time in the photo set on Tuesday, Kim Anh sits down for a chat with the editor so we can get to know her better. Kim is a 61-year-old wife from Thailand who’s modeling for the first time, which is surprising because Kim is a stunner. Kim’s body is fond and right. She’s only five-feet tall, but in the stripper platforms she’s wearing for this interview, she’s more like five-six. She now lives in the Midwest United States with her husband, who she is been married to for 5 years. “This is the first time my husband has observed what I’m doing,” she says. She is referring to fucking. “For him, I feel it is very exciting.” For her, it’s very exciting, too. “While I’m doing it, I feel super admirable,” Kim said. Back home, what Kim is doing here would be considered forbidden. But that is part of what makes this special, right?

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