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“I’ve had sex on the top floor of the 747 in the lounge,” said Scarlet Andrews, a 65-year-old wife who was a flight attendant back in the day when flight attendants were called stewardesses, were always hot and often drilled passengers and the pilots. “The gentleman came on, very worthwhile looking, and was flirting with me and wanted to know if I would take him upstairs to the lounge,” Scarlet told us in her sweet, sexy, Alabama accent. “I said, ‘Of course, sir.’ So I took him up there. We were touching and feeling and had our palms in each other’s clothes. There was the unzipping of panties, and he lifted up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and nailed me right there in the back of the lounge.” Scarlet says she has a lot of stories about fucking her passengers…probably even more than her beau flight attendants might have. “Becoming a flight attendant released me into this vast, vast world. Anything was open to me for the first time. And remember, this was the time that flight attendants wore suits, skirts, hose, makeup, and you got weighed in. Back when you had to be hot to be a flight attendant.” Those days, she’s a swinger and fucking on-camera at for the third time. When this scene opens, Scarlet is wearing a brassiere and panties with nylons and a garter. She shows 25-year-old Rocky her big booty. “How about this, baby?” she says. Then she takes down her bra to show him her pierced teats. “How about that, baby?” she says as he grabs her mangos and she grabs his crotch. Okay, how about this: Scarlet sucks his pecker, bonks his pole and has him cum all over her face. Prepare for take off!

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