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Scarlett wants real food: cheeseburgers, fries and soda. She wants it so bad that her mouth is watering before she and her boyfriend even get to the drive-through. It’s a miracle there’s even any food left by the time they get back to her put. Scarlett’s fella starts feeding her and the way he puts those massive burgers in her mouth turns her on. She digs in, savoring every bit of meat, tomato and cheese. And just as her taste buds are tingling with enjoyment, so is her slit. Soon, Scarlett is taking turns chewing the beef and giving head his sausage. But her mate is understanding. He lets Scarlett’s mouth get a break from all the work by fucking her wobblers. And the whole time Scarlett is getting her rack and cunt pounded, she’s munching away on her two huge burgers. Huge babe, enormous appetite!

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