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Nancy Jay, a 43-year-old wife and mother of 5 boys, is with Tarzan when her husband opens the door and sees them. He seems to like what he is seeing, so he stands back for a while before walking in on the action mid-blow job. Tarzan is nervous (but not nervous enough to lose wood). “Come sit down and watch,” Nancy tells her hubby. “You’ve been too busy with work, and you know that I need boner and you haven’t been able to give it to me, so you can sit there and watch. Do not touch your boner, either.” Despite what Nancy said, her hubby still has the option of kicking the living shit out of Tarzan. But he doesn’t do that. He watches, and Nancy watches him while she is sucking boner and getting fucked…in the ass, too! “I banged an IT mate once,” Nancy said. “He came over to fix my laptop. He was working on my computer and I was leaning in wearing a little see-through negligee nightie. I asked him if we could work out a little deal, and he asked what I had in mind. I grabbed his rod and he started kissing me. He grabbed my twat. I sucked his weenie for a minute or two, and then he fucked me while his wife was sitting in the car waiting outside.” And where was Nancy’s husband? In the house somewhere. Of course.

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