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When this scene opens, 71-year-old Katherine Merlot is going over some house plans with Tony. She is wearing a tender, blue suit that shows a lot of cleavage. She is stunning with her creamy skin and red hair.”I thought there were a few other options we could explore before I make a decision,” she tells him, grabbing his tie. But she’s not interested in cabinet colors, which she makes obvious by climbing onto the desk, spreading her legs and caressing her snatch through her panties. “I prefer something much more exciting than cooking,” Katherine says. “Do you like older angels? Do you like older pussy? Ooooh, baby, do you like that precious, mature, juicy pussy?” He obviously does. She obviously likes having it fingered. And penetrated. And creampied. Katherine’s actions here might seem unusual, but they really aren’t, at least for girls over-50. Girls in their 20s would rarely be as sexually aggressive as Katherine is here, going after Tony’s 33-year-old dick and talking immodest, referring to her twat as her “cunt.” But that’s part of the perfect babe of mature gals. They don’t beat around the bush. Actually, Katherine doesn’t have a bush. She shaves her bush. But you get the point.

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