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Days can be long out in the boonies. There’s only so much cleanin’ and sweepin’ a gal like Arianna can do before she gets restless. Waiting for her fellow to come home, and all that.”I feel so bored,” Arianna says at the start of this video. “I’m waiting for my darling to come home. I’m alone in the house. I can’t wait for him to come back, and I am so horny, what can I do?” Fortunately for Arianna, there are these things called noogies, and with G-cups, a chick is never alone. Arianna’s are pouring out of a white house dress, and show of palms if you have ever seen so much cleavage in your life. We didn’t think you had. The truth is, we could sit here all day watching Arianna sweep the floor, wearing that costume, but, of course, she does much more. She pulls her nippers out. She gives a head on her teats. She lies back and proves that even in the olden days, gals had shaved wet cracks. She plays with it. So, while her man is out chopping wood or hunting wild boar or whatever fellows do in the hills, Arianna is proving, once again, that when she is in the house, there’s no put like home.

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