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The third Boob Cruise in 1997 was 21 women, a staggering number, including favorites from the second Cruise and new women who’ve proven their popularity. Teetering across the gangplank and into the record books, Danni, Europe, SaRenna, Dusty, Traci, Angelique, Brittany, Chloe, Minka, Vanessa, Candee Andes, Valerie Fields, Barocca, Fae, Erica Everest, Casey James, Sana Fey, Fantasia, Heather Melons and Nicole Tyler helped hoist the sails for the third Cruise. Never before had so many huge-boobed beauties been assembled in one place. It was a week of pure breast power in the Caribbean. This bustman’s holiday set sail on March 30th, 1997 from Barbados. The ship SCORE booked, the Star Clipper, was almost as marvelous as the women, with plenty of room to play in. All of the passengers as well as the staff eagerly awaited the arrival of one kitten in particular. An 18 year-old sweetie from Croydon, London, with big natural yabbos named Linsey who was the reigning queen of the men’s magazine racks in every city they could be sold in.

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