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Farrah Rose, a 46-year-old divorcee with enormous hooters, huge lips and platinum-blonde hair, is sitting in a waiting room, wearing a low-cut, yellow top, a short skirt and high heels. She’s reading a magazine when she notices the young man sitting near her. “Have you been checking me out?” she asks. “Yeah,” he told, constrained. “You caught me.” Rule No. 1: It is best to check out a woman who wants to be checked out. Farrah starts massaging his thigh and package area. Rule No. 2: If a woman does that to you, it means she wants your penis. But first, he’s gonna have her boobs. Then he’s going to eat out her booty and snatch. And then she gets his boner. In her mouth, in her slit and in her balloon knot. In the waiting room. Funny, but neither of them ever get called.

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