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We do not know who taught Arianna her workout routine, but whoever he is, we going to give that fellow a pat on the back. Arianna doesn’t bother with tiresome cardio and boring weight lifting. She has a natural pair of heavy bags on her chest, and she stays in shape by lifting them and dropping them, lifting, dropping, lifting, dropping. This time that’s a workout! The truth is that although this video was shot in an actual gym, Arianna does totally no working out. Which shouldn’t be surprising considering that her milk cans come out of her top within the first minute and she’s wearing purple sneakers…with heels. She lifts her meatballs and drops ’em. Several reps. Then she does her pelvic thrusts. Very important. She gets on all fours and does her doggie-style exercises. She gets on her back again, plays with her slit, then rubs cream all over her body. This workout is coming along very nicely. Better than that old-time Jane Fonda shit, that is for sure. Her mambos pillow. They’ve never looked bigger. Yes, this workout is definitely…working? “Are you working on your muscles, too?” Arianna told. Muscles? No. Muscle? Yes. She pulls out a purple vibrator. It matches her outfit. Did you know that a dildo is an important part of a girl’s gym gear? Well, it is for Arianna. In, out, in, out, in out. Exercise with Arianna. It is precious for you.

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