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It is said that a bride is at her most seducing on her wedding day and honeymoon night and that’s also true for Arianna on this special day. Looking like a goddess in her pure white corset and stockings, her immense nude milk wagons hanging free, her bridal veil still on her head, Arianna is radiant and ripe with raging hormones. She toasts her new hubby in their bridal suite and he begins to feast on her lush mangos, savoring and sucking her pointy teats, squeezing and rubbing the soft, velvety-smooth breastflesh. Arianna needs her honeymoon stiffie in her mouth. She opens his pants and out pops her wedding present, ready for Arianna’s tongue. It is time to bob for the ramrod. The bride kneels before her groom, lips quivering and hungry for a taste. She begins to suck, squeezing her heavenly knockers as she places his fuck-stick between her trembling mounds. She is not a virgin, of course, but this day she feels like one and wants the feeling of being deflowered by her pecker groom. Don’t miss a single moment of Arianna’s honeymoon sexing. But do not worry, buddies. This is only Arianna’s bridal dream, her midnight juicy fantasy. She is not willing to settle down with one guy and get married! There’s more wild oats for her to sow at, like rice tossed at a wedding!

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