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Part 2: lapping lezzies Part 2 of “Clash of the Super-Naturals” picks up where Part 1 ended. Arianna has just been drilled hard. Her beau left a load of cum on her wahwahs. Miosotis then gets on top of Arianna and rubs her milk wagons all over Arianna’s cum-soaked rack.
“This cum’s for you,” Arianna says.
Miosotis then goes down at Arianna, and Arianna is obviously in sexual overload mode.
“Eat me,” Arianna kinda demands, Arianna not being a demanding person. “Oh, it is so worthy,” Arianna moans as Miosotis laps at her cookie. “Do whatever you want with me, Miosotis. Finger me.”
Miosotis licks and fingers Arianna’s snatch while the two studs watch. Miosotis (who can also be seen at can not get enough of Arianna’s just-fucked wet crack. Then one of the mates walks over, and Miosotis continues to eat Arianna’s snatch and terd cutter. Arianna gets turned upside-down, and Miosotis slaps her booty while the dude rubs Arianna’s clit.
“Yes, do me, baby,” Arianna moans. She cums, then again.
She’ll definitely never forget her first time.

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