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“I have a different take on massage,” said Angelique DuBois, a first-timer at 60PlusMILFs and a professional masseuse in her personal life. “I think it’s something very sexy and sensual. I love to work with my hands. I love the whole energy exchange. I love the feel of the skin and doing things with your arms to make people feel fantastic.” Angelique gets to demonstrate her skills on Rocky, a man who’s 37 years her junior. Rocky is 100% nude, no towel at all, which is not the way her professional massages usually start. Before long, Angelique is rubbing his booty, which is the kind of fondle we’d like to get from Angelique, then she’s getting nude and massaging her nubbies along his back, which just has to cost smarting, then she is giving head his prick, which we know costs extra. And then she lets him hump her, which knocks that price point right out of the park. Of course, you should always give your masseuse a tip after an enjoyable session. Angelique’s tip is cum all over her face. Angelique was 60 when this scene was shot and turned 61 a few days later. She was born in South Africa and lives in Southern California, where she is a divorced mother of three and a old bug. She can do magical things with her arms and her mouth. And her twat. You don’t discover this kind of service in every massage parlor.

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