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Marilyn Mayson’s found all kinds of fetish objects in this forgotten warehouse. A paddle shaped like a hand. Nipp jewelry. A sorority paddle. She decides to play around with the stuff, spanking her huge, hanging wahwahs with the hand paddle. When toy time is over, she makes herself cum with a wonderful, time-tested finger-banging. Marilyn has a fetish (if you can call it that) for being watched. She goes on-cam and does all kinds of wild things. “There can be anywhere from 50 to 100 mates watching me. What I like to do is ask them to tell me–if they don’t mind–when they’re cumming and where. So I have a bunch of boy-friends telling me: ‘I just came on your nodules.’ ‘I just came in your pussy.’ ‘I just came in your mouth.’ And I am like, yeah! I kinda get off on that. I love toys. If I’m so excited that I get myself off without using a toy, I must be super-horny.”

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