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“I’m a hoochie. I am not shy,” said 45-year-old Ashton Blake, who in this scene definitely isn’t shy and is very hoochie as she aggressively goes after a 23-year-old’s dick. She sits on his face. She deep-throats his hard-on and moves her pierced tongue up and down his shaft. She pushes her pierced nipples in his face and gets her pierced wet crack banged really deep. Her piercings match. Then she gets her butt banged. Her balloon knot isn’t pierced, but with Ashton, you never know. Some day. Then the lucky dude cums all over her huge boobs, and Ashton finishes him off by giving head the after-cum off his rod. It’s an gracious debut for Ashton, who’s married and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ashton is 5’5″ and weighs 128 pounds. She has DDD-cup knockers and measures an alluring 36-27-38. These are COUGAR measurements, to be sure. Her fantasy car would be a Mustang Shelby, she was an aerobics instructor before she got into porn, her favorite TV show is Buddies, and her favorite movie is The Massive Lebowski. “I love my gym, planning parties with pals and relaxing,” Ashton said. Her graceful day? “Sitting on a naked beach without a thing to do.” Until, of course, a beau she never met comes along and Ashton says, “Let’s fuck.” Then she has plenty to do. “Being yourself is the most important thing. Approaching me confidently without using a line,” Ashton said. “A priceless sense of humor goes a long way. Showing me that you’re a respectful and kind-hearted person. Hold the door for me. Offer to take my coat or even just let me sit down first when on a date.” She is a swinger. She’s a nudist. She is a camgirl. She’s a bit of a sentimental. “A great kiss is my starting point. I love someone that knows how to use their hands and fingers. I just melt away. Then I just need a fine, hard fuck!”

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