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“There were about 30 couples in one room,” 60-year-old divorcee Gina Milano said of one of her few experiences in a swingers club. “I was with my hubby, and one beau next to us started rubbing my cookie and he gave me a big orgasm. I was so loud that once everyone heard me cumming, which everybody did, all 30 couples came at the same time. It was fucking hot. That was one of the hottest times ever. It was great. To get 30 couples to cum at the same time is fantastic. And nobody expected it. That was the beauty of it.” Here, this super-hot, busty girl from Italy is gonna make thousands of boyfriends cum at the same time by giving head and fucking a 26-year-old’s knob and having him cum in her mouth. Gina’s wearing a red top that shows lots of cleavage and short shorts that display her tight ass and long legs. She’s wearing boots and those lewd hoop earrings. She walks outside to the stable, where the stablehand is so busy raking hay that he doesn’t notice that Gina is pushing her milk shakes together and touching herself. Finally, she gets his attention and tells him she wants to help him…help him get his pecker out of his pants, that is. The stablehand is 26 years old, which makes him almost young enough to be Gina’s grandson. And she does have grandchildren, by the way. When we asked Gina why she wanted to try porn, she said, “I was curious about it. I’ve seen several pornos, and I was wondering how those chicks feel doing that. I said, ‘You know what? I really wanna try that.’ And since I didn’t try it when I was in my 20s, I wanted to try it now. So why not? And here I am!”

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