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“What’s that noise?” JMac wonders? He sees an open window at his buddy Jimmy’s house and walks over to see what’s going on. And what he sees amazes him: Jimmy’s 49-year-old mom, Chanel, is lying in bed with her legs spread and her fingers sooooo deep inside her vagina. Then Jimmy’s mature bitch sees him watching, and what does she do? “I want you to come in,” Chanel told. “What about Jimmy?” JMac asks. “He’ll never hear us. I promise.” We’re not sure how that is possible. Chanel moans loudly when she is playing with herself and moans even louder when JMac, who’s 32, is eating and fucking her wet crack. And he fucks her hard, really hammering her in the missionary position, pushing her legs all the way back before draining his nuts in her mouth. Chanel was born in Michigan and lives in Colorado. She has golden-haired hair and brown eyes. Her favorite TV show is The Bachelor. When she’s out in public, she wears delicate, short dresses and fuck-me pumps. That’ll get their attention! Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here? “Yes!” Jimmy definitely would!

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